Herbal Cat Joy

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Color: Basic 1pc ,20ml.

Basic 1pc ,20ml.
Basic 3pcs, 20ml each

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Endless scratching and restless nights – a familiar scene for any cat owner. The incessant clawing at furniture, the disrupted sleep, and the relentless search for solutions can leave one feeling frustrated and drained. The beloved feline's anxiety not only affects its well-being but also disrupts the harmony in the home, creating a constant tension-filled environment that neither party deserves.


 CalmCats Herbal Tranquility Mist, the ultimate solution crafted specifically to address your feline friend's anxiety and restlessness. Harnessing the power of natural herbal extracts, our mist gently soothes and calms your cat, promoting a sense of tranquility and well-being. Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to peaceful coexistence as your cat experiences newfound serenity, allowing for harmonious moments to thrive in your home.


Discover Peaceful Paws

Natural Soothing Power: Harnessing the calming properties of herbal extracts, our mist gently relaxes your cat, promoting a serene environment without harsh chemicals.

Instant Relief: With just a few spritzes, our mist quickly eases your cat's anxiety, providing immediate comfort and relaxation in stressful situations.

Long-lasting Serenity: Enjoy extended periods of tranquility as our mist offers lasting relief from your cat's anxiety, fostering a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Versatile Solution: From vet visits to thunderstorms, our mist effectively soothes your cat in any situation, offering versatile relief for various anxiety triggers.


Strengthened Bond: By promoting relaxation and well-being, our mist helps deepen the bond between you and your cat, fostering moments of closeness and connection.

 We understand the frustration of watching our beloved cats struggle with anxiety and restlessness, disrupting the peace in our homes. Picture coming home after a long day, hoping for a calm evening cuddling with your furry friend, only to be met with incessant scratching and meowing. According to recent studies, nearly 40% of cat owners report dealing with anxiety-related behaviors in their pets, highlighting the widespread need for effective solutions.

Name: Natural Silver Vine
Ingredients: Silver Vine extract
Net Content : 20ml (Basic) / 100ml (Upgrade)
Shelf life: 3 years

Product Description
Cat Scratch Spray: the fastest way to make your cat fall in love with something (almost instantly)! Simply spray our cat toy on the new cat bed you've brought in and your cat will instantly fall in love with it!
BETTER THAN CATNIP: Spray it on anything, even you, and your cat will start rubbing against it immediately!
REFRESHING HERBAL: CATNIP stimulates your cat mentally and physically, energizing them to enjoy fun and games, then calming them down and relaxing them.
NO CLEAN-UP: Our cat toys have the same benefits as bulk catnip without the mess; simply spray it on your cat's toys, beds, scratching boards, or play areas and let your cat have a great time!
SAFE, PURE & EFFECTIVE: Made with natural silver vine extract, free of chemicals and other fillers; safe, pure and effective.